Welcome to our website!  We appreciate you stopping by to learn more about us and our unique practice.  No more than the sailor can predict what winds or weather Mother Nature will bring on any given day can we predict what often unexpected or difficult times or changes life will bring our way.  Counseling Associates at the Lake, Inc. is a close knit team of seasoned, highly skilled, and incredibly dedicated therapists who are there to help our clients every day through some of those difficult and often unpredicted times. 

Whether you are going through simply a life change or rough patch in the road….to a time when you perhaps are just looking for an objective person outside of family and friends to listen and offer non-biased guidance or a sounding board….where you find yourself in a sudden crisis or situation you have never dealt with before and feel overwhelmed and unsure… where you and your family or partner are in need of help beyond what you feel you can manage on your own… where you just simply feel you have exhausted all efforts to help your child or your family or your marriage and are feeling helpless… where you are experiencing a traumatic situation or loss and feel alone and afraid… where you feel that depression or anxiety is starting to take a hold over your life and you are feeling out of control… where you just know that you want to feel better… WE are here for you.  We promise you unrivaled personalized  care and the highest quality of help during these times.

Our practice prides itself on our incredible devotion to our clients and our extraordinary care and compassion for each and every client, including providing outstanding customer service to all of our clients.  When Michelle expanded her 12 year old successful solo practice in the Lake Norman area and grew into “Counseling Associates at the Lake, Inc.”….her vision was to find a team of clinicians who were as passionate as she is about her work….to find other therapists who are in this field for all the right reasons and who, like she, feel privileged every single day to do what they  do and to be able to be a part of people’s lives in some of their most difficult and darkest times or even through just some times that they are feeling a bit like a fish out of water and just needing some support, guidance or consultation.

 We are so proud of the work that we do and every client who enters into our office feels that comfort, warmth and very true and authentic care immediately.  Our mission is to be recognized as the best by each and every individual client whom we have the privilege to know and to have the honor to be a part of their lives.  And we are both proud and humbled to be meeting and accomplishing that mission every day!

Please take the time to meet our staff and learn more about all of our team members here with their individual profiles on the site under “about us”.  Each therapist and each team member bring different skill sets, expertise and unmatched quality care to our clients that together make up Counseling Associates at the Lake, Inc.  All of our therapists are fully licensed NC mental health care providers with over 65 years of collective clinical experience.   We are a close knit team and that is yet another strength we bring to the table for our clients, as we support one another and continue to learn and grow and further our clinical skills working together and in turn enabling to provide the absolute best mental health care, counseling, coaching and consultation in the area to our clients. 

All of our clinicians are providers for most major health insurance companies and we also accept self-pay, out of network benefits,  as well as a sliding scale option when needed to help ensure we are serving to the best of our ability all clients wanting to receive treatment at our office.  We all also offer not only day but late day, evening and weekend appointments to help accommodate our client’s busy lives and schedules.  We are further offering some private in home services….particularly for couples and/or families seeking more intensive and/or more private therapeutic settings. We also offer group settings, seminars, and trainings. 


Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.
— Nido Qubein